Journey Daybook Pages

Traveling in 2016 –

I am preparing for a pilgrimage to England by making journey daybook pages as often as I am able – 


I made several pages during a trip I made to New Jersey and New York in July, 2015 –

Click on an image to enlarge it.

at the Tampa airport –


Gretchen’s garden overlooking the new bulkhead –


The playhouse and garden on our “75th birthday” day –


First day in Manhattan: a Japanese fusion restaurant –


At a park on west 28th Street after a visit to the Center for Book Arts –


At a park on 10th Avenue before a trip to Central Booking, a gallery for artists books –


Mass at St Paul the Apostle Church –


Sunday at the Morgan Library Museum and then a rest across from the Plaza Hotel –


A Sunday night lecture/seminar on the pope’s encyclical at St Paul the Apostle Church hall


Noon mass at St Malachy’s Church (the Actors Chapel) –

Wednesday at the new Whitney Museum –


Every Day in May Challenge Pages –

27 May – EDiM.5.27.furry

26 May – EDiM.5.26.pisces

25 May – EDiM.aprons

24 May – EDiM.keys

23 May – EDiM.5.23.ginger

22 May –

21 May –

20 May –EDiM.5.20.billf

19 May –EDiM.5.19.cupc

18 May – edim518_17199186493_o

17 May – EDiM.5.17.tapem

16 May – EDiM.5.16.ingred

15 May –

14 May – EDiM.5.1 5

13 May –


10 May – IMG_0004

9 May – EDiM.5.9.15.sauce

8 May – EDiM.5.8.handle

7 May – EDiM.5.7.envel

6 May – EDiM.5.6.15

5 May –

4 May – EDiM.spices

3 May – Curtain.5.3.15

2 May –

! May –5.1.15

3 April 2015 –

Good Friday. This page is self-explanatory. GFriday

31 March 2015 –3.31.15

I stopped for 45 minutes on Tuesday on my walk back from Centering Prayer to make this simple sketch of our Cedar Key Market in the late afternoon.

13 September 2014 –

Often I draw in church. I have pursued this activity for several years, mostly during sermons or homilies when I also may feel the urge to make notes. For a while, I have been fascinated by a relatively simple statue of Mary that sits in the front of this tiny mission church on its own table, usually accompanied by a vase of flowers. I drew the statue at Saturday night’s vigil mass. Since I am new to the apparitions of Mary, I wondered which manifestation of Our Lady was represented by this little statue and my drawing of her.  Last night I researched Mary’s iconography and was able to identify the beautiful little icon that sits inside the church of St Anthony the Abbot as Our Lady of Fatima. The story is told that the Virgin Mary appeared to three little shepherd children near Fatima in Portugal in 1917, entrusting them with promises, miracles, and secrets. One such miracle was saving the life of Pope John Paul II after his assassination attempt in 1981. 9.13.14

I made this journey daybook page last Friday, as the pirates were setting up their tent encampment in Cedar Key’s city park for the Pirates in Paradise Weekend here.9.12.14

8 September 2014 –

We were given a Moleskin panoramic watercolor journal at the symposium which I used for this 180 degree view of my dining room. I began this page at the beginning of the week when it was raining and unpleasant to be outside. For the past three cloudy mornings I worked briefly, finishing the page this morning.


A page made on Tuesday, 9 September 2014 in Cedar Key FL.

This image shows the Masonic Lodge Building built in 1910 on the corner of State Road 24 and Second Street. I worked in the late afternoon using Ink and watercolor in journey daybook.

The Masonic Lodge

The Masonic Lodge

4 pages made during workshops at the Urban Sketchers’ Symposium in Paraty Brazil 27 August  – 30 August 2014 –

made during Stephanie Bower's workshop

made during Stephanie Bower’s workshop

made during Frank Ching's workshop

made during Frank Ching’s workshop

made during Suhita's workshop

made during Suhita’s workshop

made during    Dorantes's workshop

made during Dorantes’s workshop

A journey daybook page begun at the Easter Vigil and finished on Easter Sunday at home – IMG

A practice page made at home over Memorial Day weekend – 


A Page made in the Lower Suwannee Wildlife Refuge –


The Journey Daybook Adventure at the Cedar Key Railroad Berm

I enjoyed making this page a few weeks back during a JDB Adventure that was hosted by Lois and Carol. See the JDB Blog for a complete description of the experience that was shared by 10 alumni. RR

A Journey Daybook Page made at home

For a change, I last week I worked right here at home. The weather has been unusually cold and bleak; therefore I took the opportunity of studying a thicket of trees that stand just outside my office window. I have been using new paints – gouache with an acrylic binder that makes them permanent and easy to work over, much like oils. You can see the result of my exploration below –


  Journey Daybook pages I Made during the Second Week at St John’s Last week there was a ceremony at which 3 monks professed vows. How meaningful this ceremony and Eucharist was for me! In my mind, I collaged the thoughts and feelings I experienced with an image of a sculpture that hangs in the Collegeville Scholar’s Lounge. I made this page on Saturday during a big football game between the Johnnie’s and the Tommie’s (St John’s and St Thomas Universities!) As I sat quietly working, I could hear the occasional roaring by the nearby crowds that I understand numbered more than 15, 000 people. Sadly, the Tommie’s won.

September 8, 2012 at Munsinger Gardens

Here I sat and worked in this lovely space while my friends, Jep and his wife, Joyce, and Steve walked in both the upper and lower gardens that border the Mississippi. After we toured the gardens, we went for a lovely dinner at Anton’s that is on a small stream. I ate walleye, a wonderful northern freshwater fish. Hmmm. 

September 6, 2012 at St John’s Abbey and University

Here I sat outside the abbey church and drew the Great Hall that was the first church at St John’s. Inside are many treasures, some of which I described in my own hand.

August 2012 – A Journey from my Florida home to Collegeville Minnesota

The specific posts that describe this journey are found in HOME.

Impressions of an overnight stay in Davenport, Iowa. There was an air show and a motorcycle rally in town, and I was busy with my own activities that I wove into this page.

Here are my impressions of the riverfront in Hannibel, Missouri.

I made this page at the Riverfront Park in Memphis. All across Georgia, Mississippi, and and in Tennessee I saw an amazing proliferation of the introduced weed, kudzu.

  + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

14-18 October 2009 – Zion National Park

I feel very thankful to be part of a group of illustrated journal keepers from across the country who meet each year, often in the early fall. Although there are a few easterners, most of this group is from the western states of Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, California, Oregon, and Washington. Some of the group, so far only representing women, exhibied their journals at the Cedar Key Arts Center in 2007. In June, 2010 the group will exhibit together at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History in an exhibit, ” Drawing on Nature.” Look for more about this on my EXHIBITS page. This year we will gather in Sringdale, UT, just outside of Zion National Park, where one of our members, Sandy Bell, lives and works as a graphic designer. The plan is to hike and work in the National Park during the days that we are together. At night, we will share our work, both present and past. I hope to travel though New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah to work and visit family members. I will attempt to post and upload images as my journey to the “Four Corners” region of the west develops. This year, I am planning to travel with Mimi, my miniature poodle. While trudging throught the breathtaking scenery of Zion, Mimi will be romping with new friends at the Doggie Dude Ranch, just a short distance away.

13 March 2009 – Fanning Springs State Park FL

There are a few places left for his one-day travel retreat offered in conjunction with Central Florida Community College’s Office of Community Education at this beautiful park on the historic Suwannee River. The time is 10 AM – 4 PM and the price is $85. You will need to bring your own lunch. Please contact Joleen Gonzalez at 352.493.9533, ext. 2106 or register online at Central Florida Community College.

September Workshop

September 20, 2008 Journey Daybook Adventure – United Church of Gainesville Workshops are also listed on the calendar to the right and show up as a red date. Click on the date for further information. Or, select the calendar page to see a larger listing by month. MPH Journey Daybook Adventure at United Church of Gainesville Saturday, 20 September

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