The Endemic Florida Scrub Jay

MPH.SJFor several years I have studied, drawn, and painted scrub jays because a small colony or family resides near me in the Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve. In 2004 I spent several days with this group of birds but the jay territory has now changed and, sadly, the birds are more difficult to find. This summer I visited the reserve many times and I sighted a few of them. I drew and painted the environment but I have yet to find the family of birds, which is probably deeper than I was able to hike. Now, during hunting season, I decided to go to safer Florida locations where colonies are known to exist.

On Sunday, 19 November I drove to Marion County with my trike and a little trailer to carry our chairs, sketching supplies, and a light brunch. This is the closest known site with confirmed scrub jays. The I met Eva Squires, a Journey Daybook alum who is also interested in the Florida Scrub Jay. We hiked and pedaled a few miles to the scrub site on the Marjorie Carr Cross-Florida Greenway where we found a very active colony of these beautiful birds. You can read my notes on this journey daybook page and also visit Eva’s Facebook page for her excellent



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  1. This is such a good find after the scrub jays closer to home have become harder to locate. There is something soft and sweet about this page made on a damp day in the woods.

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