Journey to Mexico City

Three days ago I arrived home after a thrilling week-long pilgrimage to Mexico City. I have yearned for a deeper Catholic spiritual experience and I decided last spring to embark on a tour of religious sites in and around the Mexican capital of both government, culture, and religion so that I could experience the resonance of these holy sites. I was also interested to view and study the work of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

My practice is to make journey daybooks during my travel experiences. Cover.MexThis process became more inspirational this time because I was able to use this beautiful fawn leather journey daybook hand bound by Allison Lebaron: a gift from this artist friend and Journey Daybook alum from Gainesville, FL.  I filled two of the five signatures (24 pages) with drawing, paintings, collage, and writing. Thanks to our generous Mexican 206 Tour Guide, Javier Garcia, I was able to draw and sometimes even paint during the course our daily activities. On three occasions, I was given an hour of time for my own solitary work when the group climbed or walked to a remote destination. I brought along my travel cart containing minimal art supplies and two folding stools especially for this purpose.Mex.mework On the final day of our 206 Tour, a fellow pilgrim friend, Charlene Carson from Connecticut, made this photo to record me working in front of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I tried to keep up with my journey daybook each day so that I could demonstrate my honest, intimate, and immediate experiences. On the last (7th day), I was given my own private tour of works by Rivera and Kahlo by another excellent guide, Alberto Morales for which I was also very grateful. Below, I am posting the 23 pages of the journey daybook that I made last week. If you want to see larger images, simply click on these thumbnail pictures.











Mex.p15 Mex.p16








10 thoughts on “Journey to Mexico City

    • Thanks so much, Susan. This was a perfect trip to practice Journey Daybook principles because of challenges in time and decision-making. I am glad you appreciate my work.

  1. You continue to inspire me with your thoughtful approach to each moment of travel. There is a consistent thread of color and your calligraphy and illuminated manuscript. I love the ease and looseness of these pages. Beautiful Peggy!

    • Thanks so much for these words. As a practitioner of this process, you know so well that documenting the journey makes it real, meaningful, and alive long after the physical experience is over. may we make journey daybooks together next week!

  2. Hi Peggy,
    You have captured the essence of our pilgrimage. What a beautiful memory that you have created for all of us. Thank you, Cosy

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