Inaugural Offering

Like many people, I am harboring a host of conflicted feelings on this day. My niece, Liz Pulis Mora, made a Facebook post yesterday that moved me and you can read it here. Last night I  was with friends for dinner, discussing the potential difficulties that women friends may encounter as they travel to march in Washington over the weekend. I am daunted by such considerations. So, on this quiet overcast morning I sit on my deck, trying to compose my feelings into the written form –

that reaches so wide and spreads so low.

It’s newest bough grows toward me
and covers my table,
giving cooling shade and calming comfort.

On this disruptive day I sit under my bough.
Peace is brought through the host of inhabitant animals
silently coursing through branches, bringing inherent gifts
of abundant energy, sacred purpose, and secret wisdom.

I feel thankful for my Godly protection.

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