A Season of Thanksgiving

mph-11-25-16This year I cooked and entertained friends on Thanksgiving Day. This creative exercise was very rewarding, leaving me with feelings of thankfulness and deep gratitude for my friends, my home, and my tiny adopted home city, Cedar Key. I continue to bask in these wonderful, empowering feelings.

Yesterday on Black Friday morning, after the final clean-up of my kitchen, I drove south to pick up my car that had been repaired at Dave’s in Homosassa, south of here. Overnight, anticipatory Christmas decorations appeared almost like magic – everywhere – both in Cedar Key and along route 19, indicating the rampant commercialization that has spread even to these remote parts of North Florida. Remembering the delicious local fresh seafood available at a nearby restaurant and market on the Homosassa River, I headed toward Old Homosassa, an historical village located on the river, near where Winslow Homer fished and painted more that a century ago. Once again, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude as ate and worked on the attached journey daybook page. For me, merging into a Christmas mentality will have to wait a little longer!

12 thoughts on “A Season of Thanksgiving

  1. This reminds me of a Christmas Day lunch with friends at a restaurant on the river in Old Homossassa many years ago. You captured the lushness.

    • Definitely, Carole! Let me know when you are coming! We will be sure to schedule a gathering of your Journey Daybook friends in addition to people here, in Cedar Key

  2. Lovely, Peggy. I relate to your recognition that Christmas is emerging before our very eyes but not being ready to merge oneself with the season. I know I am going to have to let advent take all the time it has to offer this year.

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