The 7th Urban Sketchers Symposium

MPH.7.28.16I will refrain from giving too many details about the symposium because there have been abundant posts on blogs and Facebook about this glorious international event that went from 27 – 30 July. There were slightly less than 500 attendees from 46 countries and during the four days of the symposium, I attended four 3-hour workshops, one 2-hour activity, and a lecture. For me, the goal of the workshops and activities was to learn new concepts and new ways of working and to begin to apply these techniques in my work. In other words, each workshop is more about process rather than product. Frankly, I have never been very happy with my product during any workshop; therefore this time I was eager to apply the teaching I received to my real journey daybook work as soon as possible. I was able to make 3 journey daybook pages before I left Manchester that may show some slight changes in my way of working. The opening page of this post that has no date was made on 29 July as part of Stephanie Bower’s workshop. While working, I was affirmed in my love of drawing in graphite under watercolor and learned the subtle use of blue to depict deep space. The other two pages illustrate: (1) a way to depict a skyline with simplicity (Pat Southern-Pearce’s workshop) and again, (2) the use of receding blues and an understanding of arch structure (Stephanie Bower). I also enjoyed a wonderful workshop about the figure with Don Low in which I developed more confidence in depicting figures on my journey daybook pages. This use of figures is shown later in my August work.


Manchester skyline


Last supper in Manchester

7 thoughts on “The 7th Urban Sketchers Symposium

  1. Good to see you back — and back on line! These pages, in addition to being great practice grounds for all you have learned, will always evoke wonderful memories.

  2. You are an amazing artist, from the detailed medical to the relaxed charcoal and water colors. I so enjoy seeing your work.

    • Thank you so much Craig. I guess that you have known me for a long time!

      Keep watching this blog. I am about to make two more posts that will take you though the entire journey.

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