Posting Difficulties


Castlefield Sketch Crawl

On my fifth day in Manchester, sadly I began to encounter image posting difficulties. I had been using either my iPhone or my iPad to photograph my pages but suddenly they would not upload completely, leaving part of the image spaces blank. I tried and tried to investigate the problem with my web host in Gainesville and with friends in England, considering issues of the UK internet, my WordPress configuration, and problems with my devices, etc, etc but I was never able to uncover or solve the problem, So, I just continued to make journey daybook pages and to write, knowing that I could make replacement posts upon my return home. The entries that follow continue to document my trip but the posts are made here after my return home.

The Urban Sketchers Symposium began for real on the 27th of July, my sixth day in Manchester, for a sketch crawl, again at the Rochdale Canal. I sat above a lock and sketched a pleasure barge docked across the water from me. Many of us sat around a lovely restaurant where we enjoyed the food and drink and the warm sun of beautiful Wednesday afternoon. It was a joy to be with other sketchers again!

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  1. I love seeing this page. Walking along the canal in Manchester was such a treat. Shari Blaukopf took us to this same area in her workshop and I managed part of a page before the rain came crashing down again.

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